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My name is Jivko Kazakov.
I'm born in Varna, Bulgaria. Grew up and now live also in t6he samje town, but like to travel around the globe.

I certainly don’t have the classical art school background. I'm working in IT company and photography is my passion.
I started taking pictures just for fun before more than 35 years. It was in the film time, when I was in the school. With the new milenium I turned digital and in 2004th bought my first DSLR.

My goal is to make images of the places I travel. Also I like showing the usual things around as from unusual point of view. These things have been around us for a long time, and we have hardly noticed them, and they have been overwhelmed on the other hand and sometimes we can not know them. One can find beauty in the most unusual places around us. Finding this beauty and transmitting it is always a great challenge.


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